Learn Exactly What The Best Passer In The World Is Thinking As He Teaches You Step-By-Step How To Pass The Toughest Guards You’ll See At Any BJJ Academy or Tournament

Bernardo Faria Teaches 29 Of His Best Guard Pass Techniques Updated For 2017. He Also Includes Running Commentary On His Sparring With Another 29 Sessions With Crazy Tough Brown & Black Belts, Including One World Champion. Your Passing Will Quickly Reach Another Level After Your Watch It.

 "With Bernardo's accomplishments, he has proven how consistent and effective his Pressure Passing is. We all know he is one of the best fighters in the World, but you may not know him as an instructor. He came to my school in 2013 to teach a seminar. The seminar was only 2 two hours long, but left a legacy here. It is amazing to see, that he is not just a great competitor, but he is an amazing instructor as well. I'm sure you guys will learn a lot from him as we did here." - Bruno Malfacine, 9X World Champion  

When You Pass The Guard The Deck Is Stacked Against You

It is hard to learn Guard Passing from a DVD. The guards never look the same in sparring as they did in the technique drilling session in class. The guy on bottom always seems faster, and he always seems to have too many points of contact that you can’t shut down. If you get a fast guy it is even worse!

When you are on the bottom you have your back and/or butt on the ground leaving your feet off the ground to defend along with your arms. The passer has his knees or feet on the ground leaving only his arms to pass with in most cases. Hence, the Guard Player’s “limbs available to fight” outnumbers the Guard Passer’s 4 -2. This is a serious disadvantage and can make the Guard Player seem like an octopus with too many limbs to manage. 

 Have you ever been frustrated and unable to pass someone’s guard?

But.. If You Know The Right System Passing Every Guard Can Be Easy...

Bernardo Smashing The Best Guard On The Planet (Leandro Lo’s)

When Bernardo gets on top, he is basically unstoppable. He clears grips, spider hooks, lassos, butterfly hooks, you name it… and puts pressure on the guard player until he breaks. It doesn’t matter who is on bottom, they all break. 
 Here is a list of Black Belt World Champions whose guards he has passed or submitted in their guard in competition: 

Leandro Lo - Gabriel Arges - Braulio Estima - Rafael LovatoErberth Santos - Rodrigo Cavaca 

You Don’t Need To Be Young, Strong Or Fast To Use Bernardo’s Method

Bernardo puts both knees on the mat when he passes. This is because when you are on the knees you shut down most of the guards including: De La Riva Guard, Berimbolo, Single Lex X Guard, X Guard, Worm Guard… 
 This is “Old Man” Guard passing at its finest.  Hence, on your knees everyone has the same athleticism.

When You Know What Guards They Are Limited To, The Guards Become Easier To Pass

Now that you have gotten rid of all of these open guards, there are only a few remaining that you need to worry about:
Spider Guard - Lasso Guard - Butterfly Guard Bernardo just wrecks Spider Guard. If you face a blue belt or higher, especially one at lower weights, they will have active Spider Guards - they all do. Spider Guards are no match for Bernardo. He knows that if he puts pressure on the Spider Guarder’s feet he will just create more pressure from which the guy can work. However, when he straightens his arms and flares them out to the side like he’s a bird, it loses all its power. 
 From here on out - Spider Guards will no longer be a problem for you.

Lasso Guard, which can keep an opponent caught for an entire roll, becomes easy to smash too. Bernardo has a simple system that anyone can use.  

Butterfly Guard - This becomes an easy guard to smash when you know the right levers to use.  

Lapel Guard, where the guarder wraps the passer’s guard around his leg and uses it to control the top player, has become so popular that if you don’t know how to pass it, it can give you fits. A white belt can stop a black belt with lapel guard if the black belt isn’t properly trained. But… Bernardo has a pretty easy way to smash these guards.  

Knowing What Grips To Fight & When To Pass Is More Important Than Having The Perfect Technique

A sloppy technique executed at the right time is much more effective than a perfectly executed technique executed at the wrong time. That is why we introduced the “Battle Tested” format for this DVD series. 
 In this set, Bernardo spars with 6 very tough competitors (including the world famous Mau Mau – a Masters World Champion).
Bernardo rips through all of their guards, and on the commentary portion of the DVD he tells you exactly how he does it. What grip he wants, what grip he doesn’t want, etc. THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PASSING AND NOT PASSING!

What is everyone saying about Bernardo's passing?

 "As a big older guy, I don't feel comfortable standing while I pass. People always seen to get under me and then all kinds of bad things happen: De La Riva, Reverse De La Riva, Spider, X Guard, 1 Leg X - all kinds of awful stuff. That all goes away when you pass like Bernardo does. I find that my passing has improved by miles with him."Michael Zenga, Black Belt

 "My name is Pound Lamb. I am 52 years old and train at Nashville MMA. I want to sing praises on Bernardo’s half guard system. I was introduced to the Faria Guard and Pressure Passing system by a teammate last year. I promptly purchased both DVD sets and with only three months of training I was fortunate enough to win the 2015 World Masters. The system worked so easily. I was promoted to Purple belt in 2016 and placed 2nd in the 2016 World Masters. I knew this system was designed for me when I started beating upper belts half my age. It was like my game had jumped three years. This system allows me to slow the super athletic guy’s game down and places me in control. It sounds crazy but I feel like I’m literally resting in this guard while the young guys are gassing out. They know what’s coming and still have a hard time stopping it. I think this is absolutely the best guard system for masters who like beating the young guns."Pound Lamb, 53 Yr old Purple Belt - Nashville, TN

 "With Bernardo's accomplishments, he has proven how consistent and effective his half guard is. We all know he is one of the best fighters in the World, but you may not know him as an instructor. He came to my school in 2013 to teach a seminar. The seminar was only 2 two hours long, but left a legacy here. Half of my students here are doing his position... doing his half guard sweeps. It is amazing to see, that he is not just a great competitor, but he is an amazing instructor as well. I'm sure you guys will learn a lot from him as we did here."Will Kesling, 40 Year Old Blue Belt

 "I began learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Five Rings in Portland this year. I bought Bernardo Faria's “Pressure Passing Encyclopedia” dvd set right after Professor Dorsett taught the over/under pass and talked about the success Bernardo Faria had had with his system over the years. There are an incredible number of techniques that a beginner can learn in BJJ. But pressure passing as developed by Bernardo is a complete system that can be used against any kind of guard. And the concepts of pressure and leverage that are used are applicable to any of the BJJ techniques. As an older beginner, I needed an approach that didn’t rely solely on speed or flexibility; pressure passing works for me. After every sparring/roll session, I go back to the dvd’s and review what I did correctly and what I messed up. There is always a helpful suggestion for the situation that stymied me. And I keep improving. And that is the goal."Tom Keller, White Belt - Portland, OR

So what's on this DVD set?


Intro Applying Weight and Pressure When Passing Basics Of Over/Under with 2017 Technique Adjustments Over/Under Brother Countering The Hip Escape 4 Options To Finish Over Under Pass Counter The Pants Grip Counter Countering the Hook In Over Under Grip Climb Adjustment Countering the Lapel Guard


Countering The Spider Lapel + Lasso Guard Over/Under Pass On Worm Guard Avoiding And Countering The Bury Over/Under Against Butterfly Updated Version Countering The 2 on 1 In Butterfly Countering The Push Away Hip Escape Countering The Push Away Hip Escape Without Over Under Getting Over/Under When Opponent Frames or Pushes Away Over/under Against Knee Shield Defense When You Can't Get Over/Under On Knee Shield Defense


Updated Spider Guard Defense Over/Under Against Spider/Lasso Philosophy Of Keeping 2 Knees On The Mat Baseball Grip Entry Over/Under When Opponent Pushes The Head Countering The Elbow Pull To Triangle Counter Against Belt And Sleeve Grip Concepts Against Chokes Defense Against Suicide Choke


Bruno Jacare Dias Intro And 1st Roll Bruno Jacare Dias 2nd Roll Bruno Jacare Dias 3rd Roll Bruno Jacare Dias 4th Roll Bruno Jacare Dias 5th Roll Bruno Jacare Dias 6th Roll Bruno Jacare Dias 7th Roll Robson Mau-Mau Lima Intro And 1st Roll Robson Mau-Mau Lima 2nd Roll Robson Mau-Mau Lima 3rd Roll Robson Mau-Mau Lima 4th Roll Robson Mau-Mau Lima 5th Roll Robson Mau-Mau Lima 6th Roll Anderson Silverio Intro And 1st Roll Anderson Silverio 2nd Roll Anderson Silverio 3rd Roll Nate Morrison Intro And 1st Roll Nate Morrison 2nd Roll Nate Morrison 3rd Roll Nate Morrison 4th Roll Liam Intro And 1st Roll Liam 2nd Roll Liam 3rd Roll Liam 4th Roll Kyle Misuraca Intro And 1st Roll Kyle Misuraca 2nd Roll Kyle Misuraca 3rd Roll Kyle Misuraca 4th Roll Kyle Misuraca 5th Roll

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